Should I use spray foam insulation or stick with fiberglass?

I’m assuming that you are either building a new home or an addition to a home. That’s because adding spray foam insulation to an existing house is hard, especially in the wall cavities. Access to the wall cavities in an existing home is difficult or impossible due to the fact that the drywall or plaster […]

What is a bearing wall and how do I know if I have one?

That is the kind of thing that can only be answered with an on-site inspection of the home by a qualified individual. Having said that, I will attempt to explain the criteria that make a wall a “bearing wall” as opposed to a non-bearing wall. When a house is designed, there are loads that have […]

What is engineered lumber and should I use it in my addition?

The short answer is yes if you can afford it. Here’s the long answer. Engineered lumber are structural wood products that have been “engineered” or designed to be stronger, straighter, and more uniform in size as compared to their conventional lumber cousins. Conventional, or dimensional lumber, are pieces of wood cut out of certain species […]