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Are all paints the same?

That’s a loaded question! Essentially, they are the same in that they are liquids that come in different colors and can be applied to varying surfaces. But from that point on, they can be vastly different. I am assuming you are referring to the quality of different manufacturers paints. There are obvious differences between the […]

Should I use spray foam insulation or stick with fiberglass?

I’m assuming that you are either building a new home or an addition to a home. That’s because adding spray foam insulation to an existing house is hard, especially in the wall cavities. Access to the wall cavities in an existing home is difficult or impossible due to the fact that the drywall or plaster […]

I have a flat roof with rolled roofing. Is that ok?

Sure but the correct term is actually roll roofing as it comes as a 3-foot wide sheet that is rolled up. There are several types, self-stick, cold application with roof cement, or torch down where a large torch is used to heat the roll as it is applied to activate the adhesive on it. These […]

Why are my windows foggy looking?

There are several types of glass or “glazings” that can be found in a residential window. A major factor is the age of the window. Older windows, those about 40 years or more old, are usually made of a single thickness of one piece of glass called single glazed. Typically the glass is 1/8” in […]

Why does my door close by itself?

Sometimes a door, usually an interior door, will slowly close all by itself. Barring supernatural forces in the home, there is a very logical reason for this phenomenon and a simple cure as well. The thing you have to remember is that a door is a large slab of wood (usually) that represents a fair […]

What is a bearing wall and how do I know if I have one?

That is the kind of thing that can only be answered with an on-site inspection of the home by a qualified individual. Having said that, I will attempt to explain the criteria that make a wall a “bearing wall” as opposed to a non-bearing wall. When a house is designed, there are loads that have […]

What is engineered lumber and should I use it in my addition?

The short answer is yes if you can afford it. Here’s the long answer. Engineered lumber are structural wood products that have been “engineered” or designed to be stronger, straighter, and more uniform in size as compared to their conventional lumber cousins. Conventional, or dimensional lumber, are pieces of wood cut out of certain species […]

Why is there water coming out of my A/C

All air conditioners, whether they are the large central variety or smaller window units, produce water when they are operating. Water is a by-product of the air conditioning process. It is due to the fact that warm air has the ability to contain or hold more moisture than colder air. Actually there is no such […]

Something that may shock you!

Electricity is absolutely, positively nothing to fool around with. Treat it with the respect it deserves. If you’re thinking about working with anything that is related to electricity it is very helpful to have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works. Here is a pdf from NYU Engineering that explains the […]

Free Building Advice

Free Building Advice